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Diskors is about conversations, trends, and actors of change. The conversation focuses on digital, business, creatives pushing their industries and communities to make positive changes that benefit their immediate context and the greater social environment. Diskors is about taking these ideas and conversations further.

Digital Life

Blogging about social media, digital marketing, and conferences that are happening. Digital life is about keeping up with trends and practices which are transforming business, branding, and the communication of messages to a larger audience.

Change. Fear. Movement.

As I am attending Spark.me, I am tracking a noticeable theme popping up, the need for change. Change is something that receives a lot of attention, and something that I used to feel really comfortable with. However, I have noticed that over the recent years, c...

Visiting Montenegro around Spark.me

At the end of the month, May 28-29, one of the region’s best business and innovation conference will kick off! Spark.me brings energy and excitement within an inspirational context and environment. Spark.me pushes attendees to dream big going after goals...

Business and Brands

Businesses and brands are leaders in changing the global and local economies. Social enterprises, entrepreneurs, and startups are playing a large part in changing how business is being conducted. These are stories highlighting local businesses and large scale brands looking to change their economy and/or industry.

Coffice: Skopje Coworking Space

Walking down a busy Patizanski Obredi Blvd in downtown Skopje, I was a little lost looking for Coffice, Skopje’s only primary coworking space (that I know about). After planning a recent trip, I decided to so a quick search to see what the Skopje coworki...

Obastacles to Coworking

Coworking is a growing phenomenon across much of the world that has been revolutionizing the concept of workspace and management. However, not everyone is convinced of the importance, sustainability, and longevity of coworking. Is this a fad that will dissipat...

Creatives and Non-Profits

Creatives are those who see the world differently, and look to use their skills and abilities to innovate change in the world around them. They my do this through no-profits, NGO's, or simply gathering friends and running a campaign to transform the world around them.